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Community Guidelines

We game for fun and to get to know people. If you decide that you want to be a part of the SSG community then you are agreeing to our rules.
This 'Code of Conduct' is a way of letting everyone know what those rules are. We are not tyrants here, we like to have fun,
but we also wish to foster a sense of pride and respect among our members.

- Remain civil: Content deemed not appropriate for the forums (or a specific section therein), such as hostile behavior, spam, or racist/inflammatory/explicit posts, will be
removed and individuals may lose their posting permissions.

- Community guidelines of Discord are to be followed as stated here:

- Community guidelines of Steam are also to be followed as stated here: ... -USHJ-3810

- Contribute Constructively Keep your posts on-topic, both for the sub-forum and the thread in which you’re posting. Give feedback that can contribute to a conversation.
Respect your fellow members even when you disagree with them.

- Rule Circumvention Do not rule-dodge or purposely skirt just around breaking a rule.

- Discrimination or abusive language towards a member will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to racial, sexual, religious or trolling behavior.

- Spam is not permitted; refrain from posting excessively in a row and collate all your points. If you want to advertise you need to request permission from administration.

- Off periods: Life comes first, you play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us).

- Illegal Activity The endorsement or discussion of personally conducted illegal activity is prohibited.

Please respect other players and don't be disruptive to their play space. This is a gaming community, and individuals who disrupt other players will be removed.
Failure to follow the above-mentioned rules may result in repercussions.